Apple Chaff 12.5Kg

Mollichaff Applechaff is a high quality chaff with the addition of real apple pieces and apple essence.


Mollichaff Calmer 15kg

Mollichaff Calmer is a highly palatable mix containing a balanced blend of fibre pellets, oat straw, dried grass, herbs and soya oil, along with a broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement. This means that Mollichaff Calmer can be used as the sole "bu


Spillers Conditioning Fibre 20Kg

Formulated to help build condition without excitability.


Honeychop Calm & Shine 12.5kg

Containing a blend of high fibre oat straw, dried grass and oil, Honeychop Calm & Shine also includes natrual marigold, nettle, mint, camomile, traditionally known for their calming properites.


Honeychop Topline & Shine 15kg

Topline & Shine has been specifically formulated to support your horse's body condition without causing excitability.


Honeychop Lite & Healthy 15kg

Honeychop Lite & Healthy, free from molasses, is a non-heating low sugar fibre feed coated with linseed and rapeseed oil, including oat straw, timothy grass, herbs, marigolds and cinnamon.


D&H Just Grass 12.5Kg

D&H Just Grass 12.5Kg High calorie, molasses-free, pure dried grass chaff.


Honeychop 12.5kg

Honeychop Original is a high fibre oat straw chaff with the addition of limestone flour and salt with a light sugar blend coating. You can be sure your horse, or pony has a quality fibre feed that also provides an adequate level of calcium and salt in its


Honeychop & Garlic 12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Garlic is an oat straw chaff that contains enough garlic in a 1kg per day serving to eliminate buying extra supplements.


Mollichaff Extra 15kg

Mollichaff Extra 15kg


Mollichaff Original 12.5Kg

Mollichaff Original is a high quality chaff combining straw and a light dressing of molasses, with the addition of calcium.


D&H Senior Balancer 15kg

D&H Senior Balancer 15kg High specification balancer formulated for the older horse


Pegasus Chaff 12.5Kg

Pegasus Chaff 12.5Kg


D&H Alfalfa Oil Plus

D&H Alfalfa Oil Plus High calorie, high oil alfalfa chaff for performance and condition.


Honeychop & Apple 12.5kg

Honeychop Plus Apple is a high fibre oat straw chaff combined with human grade apple pieces to tempt difficult feeders.


Honeychop Oat Straw Chaff 12.5kg

Honeychop's Chopped Oat Straw is a straight high fibre feed which is screened to remove small straw particles and dust extracted, a pure natural product with nothing added. It is made only from sun dried oat straw and we never use desiccants on our crops.


Dengie Alfa A 20Kg

Dengie Alfa A 20Kg A high fibre feed providing 10MJ/kg of Digestible Energy, which is comparable to a cool mix or cube


Dengie Hi Fi 20Kg

Dengie Hi Fi 20Kg Hi-Fi ORIGINAL is the original high-fibre maintenance feed for leisue horses and ponies.


Dengie Hi Fi Lite 20Kg

Dengie Hi Fi Lite 20Kg Ideal for overweight horses and ponies


Dengie Hi-Fi Senior 20kg

Dengie Hi-Fi Senior 20kg Hi-Fi SENIOR is is an easy to chew, highly digestible fibre feed suitable for all horses and ponies, particularly those with poor teeth.


Dengie Alfa-A Oil 20Kg

Dengie Alfa-A Oil 20Kg Alfa-A Oil provides 12.5MJ/kg of slow-release energy, which is comparable to a conditioning or competition mix, but provides 10 times less starch, making it ideal for horses with ERS which research indicates benefit from a low sugar


Hi Fi Molasses Free 20kg

Dengie Hi Fi Molasses Free 20kg HI-FI MOLASSES FREE is the ideal fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies requiring a low sugar and starch diet.


Molasses Free Healthy Hooves 20kg

Dengie Molasses Free Healthy Hooves 20kg HEALTHY HOOVES MOLASSES FREE is a complete low-calorie, high-fibre feed for leisure horses and ponies, containing essential nutrients for healthy hooves.

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