Evergreen Multipurpose Compost 50ltr

Evergreen Multi-Purpose Compost is made from only the finest quality sphagnum moss peat.

£4.99 inc VAT

Evergreen Multipurpose Compost with John Innes 60ltr

Evergreen Multi-Purpose Compost with added John Innes contains a perfect blend of carefully selected soil, sphagnum moss peat and John Innes to provide an ideal multi-purpose loam-based compost.

£7.50 inc VAT

Evergreen 4 Plant Grow Bags

Evergreen 4 Plant Growbag is a versatile and nutrient rich compost offering excellent moisture retention and feed for up to 6 weeks, establishing strong root growth and delivering healthy plant development.

£2.50 inc VAT

Evergreen Farmyard Manure 40ltr

Evergreen Farmyard Manure contains a rich and wide range of minerals and nutrients.

£4.50 inc VAT

Evergreen Lawn Dressing 25ltr

Evergreen Lawn & Turf Dressing is a specially formulated lawn care media used to improve the quality and health of lawns, smooth surface irregularities , reduce thatch and create new lawns from turf.

£6.99 inc VAT
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